covid-19 assistance

Hi to my COVID-19 couples — firstly, I am SO sorry you are having to go through something as stressful and unpredictable as this during what SHOULD be a SUPER fun and fulfilling time. Secondly, so sorry I called you a ‘COVID-19 Couple’ — ha! I can’t believe there is a category for this.

I just want my couples to know: I am here for you. I see you. I am patiently listening and learning. And I am HONORED to be working with you. Keep pushing through and seeing this out, this is a temporary season and your party people will celebrate you whenever you are able to throw a party.

Please read below to see how I am being flexible in order to continually serve you throughout changing times. There may also be a few questions you need answered below.




Are you thinking about rescheduling or cancelling?

I HIGHLY recommend attempting to reschedule before cancelling, I know it seems stressful, but your people will still be waiting to party with you when it is safe to! Do not set aside your dream event just for a temporary season, let's work to make it happen together and celebrate your love story. Keep in touch with your rescheduled date and we can make it happen.

What happens if we decide to cancel our event?

If you do make the tough decision to cancel your event fully and no services have been offered from my end (i.e. engagement session) have been completed, you will receive all payments made, EXCLUDING the non-refundable deposit, back. For the first time in my photog career, I would love to offer you a couple session instead in lieu of the non-refundable deposit. Please understand that I am operating as a small business and the non-refundable retainer is a liquidated damage and loss of other opportunities that may have been available.

What happens if we decide to reschedule our event?

If you are rescheduling your event and still having a smaller ceremony, I would love to shoot your ceremony and offer the rest of the time booked (i.e. 8 hours for the Wedding Experience) for the rescheduled event. If your rescheduled event falls within 365 days of the original date and will still take place all on one day, then no change. If your rescheduled event will fall more than 365 days after the original date, the client will re-book the photographer's services.

If we choose to have a small, intimate ceremony instead of huge wedding, can you still shoot it?

Quick answer: OMG YES! I am so glad you have chosen to do this and celebrate on your intended day. I can't wait to celebrate your love story.

How are you, as the photographer, taking precautions?

I wanted to assure you that I have every intention of fulfilling my role and that my business and I are prepared. I’m staying updated on the latest information from the CDC, the WHO and local and state authorities; acting responsibly by avoiding travel to outbreak hotspots; practicing social distancing by holding most meetings online instead of in person; swapping hugs for a friendly wave; and, last but not least, practicing good hand hygiene. Additionally, I’m making sure that all of my clients know what to expect from me as per contract.


Your safety and well-being, and making sure we figure out the best way to make your event memorable, are my top priorities.

If there is something you need answered this is not here, feel free to reach out to me and I will get back to you ASAP.

Through this time, it is definitely apparent that this is not the most amazing time to be planning a huge event, nor a business owner, so I sure do appreciate the grace I have been shown!