Wichita Falls Photography Studio

Welcome to my new favorite space, a bright and airy, neutral and clean, natural-light 11th floor photography studio in Downtown Wichita Falls! The space offers a chic waiting room with a black velvet couch, snacks and champagne for clients, a Keurig mini with coffee/tea, sample albums/images and two natural light studios used primarily for boudoir sessions, but is also available for rent.

About the space

Studio #1: The Boudoir Space
Amenities: full-sized bed, clothing rack with shelves, Bluetooth speaker, essential oil diffuser, phone charging dock, plants, rolling cart with vanity and cleaning supplies, steamer, tripod, mirror and seating
Studio #2: The Blank Canvas
Amenities: seating and a backdrop for portrait sessions / headshots, cleaning supplies




I want to rent the studio! What is the pricing?

The studio is $40/hour, 2 hour minimum or $275 for the whole day (8 hours!). Upon booking and confirmation from Alex Taylor, you will receive a private one-time code to enter the studio for usage. The studio is three rooms and has a community bathroom located right down the hall.

Where is the studio located?

The studio is located inside of the Historic Big Blue building in downtown Wichita Falls on the 11th floor.

Do you offer sessions within the studio?

YES, I do! I utilize the studio primarily for my boudoir sessions, at no additional cost to my clients. The freedom of creating & using my own space for shoots is unbeatable and I love sharing it! I also shoot headshot, portrait, and intimate couples session within the studio. Get in touch for more info!